Healthy Grab and Go Meals

Have YaYa’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

YaYa’s Kitchen is a delicious and affordable way for you to have an authentic food experience with our variety of gourmet meals. Handmade, our food is all-natural, non-GMO, and made with ingredients sourced from all over the world.

Egg And Cheese keto bites

We use only cage-free eggs and delicious cheese to make this tasty keto option just right for a snack.

Egg White Spinach and Feta keto bites

This cage-free egg white spinach and feta cheese keto aperitive is another option. It will blow your mind. Just grab & go and see for yourself!

Spicy Turkey Sandwich

Savor the Italian flavor on your Turkey sandwich right now. Spice it up a little bit and you have the perfect lunch every time.

Egg White & Feta Spinach Burrito

Ready-to-go for lunch or a quick snack, the spinach feta egg and cheese wrap is a winner!

Egg & Cheese Potato Burrito

Described as a healthy fast food option, this quick snack with traditional hummus will have you back for more.

Yogurt parfait

Our yogurt parfait will be a gratifying surprise to your day. With only natural and fresh ingredients, it’s all handmade just for you!

Southwestern Breakfast Burrito

The tempting flavors of eggs, cheese and pepper, all mixed up in a Southwestern breakfast burrito style are tasty in every bite!

We are 100% natural, no artificial preservatives and we have keto and vegan friendly options.

YaYa’s Kitchen – Bringing Premium Flavors & Ingredients to Your Table