Is always striving to create innovative all natural products of the highest quality standards.

Avatar Foods is a gourmet food service manufacturer, distributor and importer with over 15 years of experience.

Our services include:
Private labeling – Create your own food line, with private labeling, you can choose items that are produced by our team at our sister brands and sold with your branding and packaging. 

Co-packing – We can manufacture your product line along with handling package design, packing, and shipping .

Wholesale – We have an extended list of natural food products for you to choose from. We want to help support and grow your business.

Our mission is to always create innovative, all-natural products, of the highest quality standards. We really want to show people that healthy food can be delicious, affordable and accessible to everyone!

We believe in promoting a healthier lifestyle through affordable gourmet food, by distributing high-quality products to all American homes. Not only that, but we’ll do thanks to our relationship with partners and, as a food service manufacturer, by managing our productions from start to finish, so we can pass every saving on the process to our customers.

Our purpose is to change lives through healthy and affordable gourmet food, baked goods that are ready to grab and go, so you can have a lot of options that were thought of with the all-natural, fresh ingredients, to keep you safe from preservatives and unnecessary chemicals.


We want to promote a healthier life to American people by distributing high-quality products. Our gourmet food is made to provide a healthy option to a busy lifestyle. It is fast food on a whole new level! You get the affordable price and a practical meal, all in one!

As a food service manufacturer and distributor, we take food safety very seriously. But more than that, we do not negotiate about the quality of our ingredients and the freshness of our gourmet food. To make sure all we do will be healthy and safe, we are USDA, HACCP, GMP and non-GMO certified! Also, we offer individually wrapped goods to cater to our contactless production environment. 


Of course, we would never do all of this alone. We are a big family! To achieve our mission and create a better, healthier world, we have an army by our side.

Get to know now our sisters brands:

YaYa’s Kitchen:

Focused on helping people create healthier habits through gourmet food, YaYa’s Kitchen shows that it’s possible to eat ready meals without fast food!

Tuscany Cookies:

Baked goods, all-natural ingredients, with love and care. Bakery food never tasted so good!

Eat Pita:

Traditional pita bread and chips, non-GMO, preservative free and all the highest standards of product integrity.

Fiave Donuts:

The first company to create a non-GMO donut for the US market. Our donuts contain no artificial colors, no artificial flavors or preservatives. No need to say, they are delicious!


Delicious french pastry and bakery food are now here, for your breakfast or dessert. All-natural ingredients, no preservatives, fresh and good!

Avatar Foods teams are dedicated to providing the healthiest food on the market and the BEST service to our customers and partners on the food service manufacturer, importer and distributor system. Over more than a decade of hard work, we’re here now to co-create a better place, and we count on you to accomplish this mission.

Let’s create a better and healthier world together!

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