Real Cookies,

Real Ingredients.

Savor our unique cookies, butter cookies and macaroons.

At Tuscany Cookies, we are proud to be a gourmet cookie bakery based in the USA that uses only natural ingredients to provide the best cookies with the best quality.

Our products are made from scratch, using only the finest ingredients. We refuse to sacrifice quality in lieu of shortcuts or artificial substitutes.


Raspberry Cookie Pie

An impressive cookie pie filled with our delicious raspberry jam and covered with white chocolate…simply yummy.

Apple Cookie Pie

Try our gourmet cookie base with apple jam and delicious streusel on top of this amazing cookie pie.

Caramel Jelly Cookie

Choose these butter cookies filled with creamy caramel to power up your breakfast or lunchtime.

Raspberry Jelly Cookies

Only the freshest raspberries are used to make this delicious jelly that goes great with our delicious cookies. Try it out!

Strawberry Jelly Cookies

An incredible cookie filled with delicious strawberry jelly and splashed with powdered sugar fulfills that sweet craving.

Double Chocolate Butter

Try our butter cookie, deliciously double wrapped in dark chocolate.

Roasted Coconut Butter Cookie

Sweet roasted coconut flakes in our butter cookie base, wrapped in delicious white chocolate are perfect for that sweet tooth.

Sugar Butter Cookie

Our traditional Italian butter cookie made with real butter will certainly delight you.

Lemon Snaps

Devine crunchy lemon snap finalized with splashed powdered sugar remains a popular choice.

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroon

Our traditional coconut macaroon made with crunchy delicious coconut flakes and a dark chocolate-covered base might just be your new tradition, too.

Black & White

Double the fun with our dark and white wrapped butter cookies.

White Chocolate Macadamia Butter Cookie

Made to perfection, this butter cookie is wrapped with our delicious white chocolate and crunchy macadamia chips.

Guava Vegan Jelly Cookies

For a delicious snack option, try these stuffed vegan cookies with guava jam.

Strawberry Vegan Jelly Cookies

Smooth strawberry jam smashed in the middle of two crunchy vegan cookies is a double win.

Mango Vegan Jelly Cookies

Our handmade mango jam recipe plus two of the most delicious vegan cookies combine to make a perfect jelly cookie.

All of our food is handmade. We use sugar directly made from sugarcane, only real butter, cage-free eggs, no artificial preservatives, and no high fructose corn syrup – only the best and freshest ingredients.

For more information, contact us.